About Me


Love of beauty is taste; the creation of beauty is Art

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


I believe that the best Makeup Artists are truly skilled artists that have chosen to use makeup as their medium and the face as their canvas. It is impossible to be a great Makeup Artist without first understanding color theory, shape & contour. One of the many reasons I find this field to be so intriguing is that every face shape, every skin color, every eye shape & color, every lip shape & color, etc. is unique. A proper makeup application should be customized to each individual based on all of those factors

Our Makeup Kits

We carry skin care and makeup for all skin types that are also photographic safe. A majority of my products are from MAC. We also carry random favorites from various other lines. All products are of the best quality and are long wearing so you look your best all day/night long!


Archana Saini began her artistic expression at a very young age. She always longed for an artistic outlet and began her quest for a career as a Makeup Artist.

Through her early years in makeup she attended several makeup classes from some of the best makeup artists. In 2011 Archana advanced her career in cosmetics by becoming a Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics where she worked side by side the industry’s best artists.