Makeup can enhance or defile your natural beauty !

The importance of wearing makeup is realizing that it cannot be a replacement for a strong, confident personality or the innate beauty that we are all adorned with.

Makeup enhances your personal appearance and helps you present the best version of yourself. When you put your best face forward , your self confidence and self esteem are enhanced.

How do you feel when you walk out of the beauty salon with a new haircut and blow dry?

Like a Million bucks !!!

As everything has a flip side , makeup can spoil your natural beauty if not done appropriately  or without having a functional understanding of what each element does in correspondence to their faces. And also too much makeup tends to take away from her appearance as opposed to adding to it.

Even at work place, makeup can have a great impact. Wearing an appropriate amount of makeup represents an attention to detail and positively affect the  perception others will have about you.

The quality of anyone’s work doesn’t depend on their appearance however many professionals are looking for ways to best represent the quality of work they do. There is an unbreakable link between beauty and success !

Just as boardroom attire differs from what you would wear to a nightclub , so can makeup be chosen strategically depending on tho Occasion.

Dress to the occasion !!

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Archana Saini

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Archana Saini is a freelance makeup artist based in Bangalore. She specializes in bridal, fashion and event makeup. She is available for work across India.

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