Tips for a Perfect Eyebrow

Eyebrows are a small but a significant aspect of makeup. Even with the most fabulous make up if you neglect your brows, your look can seem incomplete or unpolished.

Eyebrows not only frame your face, it also softens your facial features, instantly adds femininity, and brightens your face. It shows emotions too, so if done improperly you could look sad, confused or even amused at all times. Who wants that? So here are a few tips to get the shape right!


A. The inner edge of the brow should be in line with the outside of your nostril.
B. The highest point of your arch should be just at the outer edge of the eyeball.
C. When doing the outer brow imagine that there is a line going from the outer part of your nostril up past the outer edge of your eye (C).. This is where your brow should taper off.

Products and Technique

Once you are done with the basic brow shaping. You can go ahead and fill it in for a more groomed look. The fuller the brows, more youthful you will look. You can either use a brow pencil or an eye shadow to do it. Always use a colour that is a shade lighter than your brows for a more natural look. For e.g. never use a black colour even if your hair is black, go for a dark brown instead. And the most important aspect is to use feather strokes or flicks so that it mimics the natural hair growth and brush it up with the spooly brush as you go. This will help remove harsh strokes and excess product as well. Avoid filling the brows too much towards the inner corner and concentrate more on the middle and outer part of the brows to keep it looking natural. Finally finish it up with a brow gel/ brow wax to keep them put.

Nothing looks tackier than penciled eyebrows

What I Use

Spiked brow pencil

Spiked brow pencil

Brun eye shadow by M.A.C

Brun eye shadow by M.A.C

Fun Fact

Makeup artists refer to the brows as step sisters coz they never really do look the same ever!

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